Saturday, September 19, 2009


I picked up a "green skinned avocado" at the grocery store - it was HUGE and same price as the other avocados. It was hard as a rock and when I got home I noticed that the sticker said "Slimcado-half the fat of regular avocados" OK.....

I waited four days until it had softened
It looked pretty normal on the inside - tasted it and it was pretty blah.
But I jazzed it up with some home grown tomatoes, serrano, cilantro, salt and garlic for really really good guacamole. BUT it was more liquidy than normal because the slimcado has a high water content. One avocado made a pretty large amount of guac. Will stick with my normal avocados though.

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  1. Hass avocados are better for guacamole. However, I love SlimCados just sliced into salads or on top of sandwiches. You can eat more avocado with SlimCado. They're grown in Florida vs a dry climate like California.